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Stainless Steel Strainer

Stainless Steel Strainer

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This Honey Strainer is an essential tool when it comes to extracting and bottling honey.  This Honey Strainer allows you  to strain large pieces of beeswax, pollen and other things from your honey as it flows from your extractor. 

It also aids in letting honey flow from fresh cappings  into a bucket ensuring you get every last drop of honey. 

It is a combination of two strainers, one coarse and one fine, attached to each other with one on top and one on the bottom.  The top strainer is made of a 14 mesh (1.4 mm) wire mesh and the bottom strainer is made of an even finer 25 mesh (.7 mm) wire mesh.   The wide band around the bottom strainer also has adjustable, stainless steel holders that allow for the strainer to sit on top of a bucket that is up to 14” in diameter (but not less than 10” in diameter). 

This Honey Strainer can be used in combination with either our 3.5 gallon pail and/or our 5 and/or our 6 gallon pail with honey gate Buckets and Honey Gates – BeeMan Direct ( .   While you spin your first few loads of honey-filled frames in the extractor.  Simply place the strainer on top of your bucket or bottling bucket, place the bucket under the honey-gate at the bottom of your extractor.  It is suggested that you leave open the gate while extracting and you can watch as your pure delicious honey flows out and into the double strainer. 

Be sure to keep watch of the flow, carefully, as you don’t want the strainer to overflow with honey.  As you continue to extract, you will notice that the large chunks of beeswax, and items, cause the strainer to get clogged. 

You can also place your freshly cut cappings into the bottom strainer, place the strainer on top of a bucket and wait for them to drain which could take up to a couple of days depending on how warm the room is (honey will flow much faster in a warm room). 

Our Stainless Steel Double Honey Strainer measures 4” tall by 9.5” in diameter.  It can be cleaned in warm, soapy water.  

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