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BeeMan Direct

*BeeMan 3000

*BeeMan 3000

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Full Suit or Jacket Size
Glove Size
BeeMan Direct 3000 is just like the Expanded, and we
assemble the Bottom Board, Hive, Super, Brood
Frames, Super Frames and put the Wax Starters in
both the Brood Frames and Super Frames.  

PLUS- It also comes with a Jacket or Bee Suit!

Everything you need to get started in beekeeping,
except the bees.
1 Complete hive:
1 – 9 5/8’’ Hive body
10 – 9 3/8’’ Frames
1 – complete Pine bottom board
1 – Inner Cover
1 – Telescoping Top Cover
1 Complete 5 11/16" Shallow Super  
10 – 5 3/8’’ Frames
Plus: Front Entrance Feeder
Smoker Fuel
Gloves (S, M, L, XL)
Bee Suit or Jacket
Hive Tool
Bee Brush
10 Sheets- Wax Starters 8 ½’’ Crimped wire (Brood
10 Sheets – Wax Starters 4 ¾’’ Crimped wire (Super)
Hive is painted with primer and everything is
assembled and ready to be set where you want it.

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