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A day in the life for the beekeeper.

*Note: Where you live and the type of bees you have, may make your area differ.
The list gives you an overview of what's going on each month in the hive.
Anyone having wanting to add to this may use the contact us page making the
subject line as "Global".
We would like to have each area listed for each zone in each continent.


In the hive:  The queen is surrounded by her workers.
They are in the midst of their winter cluster. There is little activity except on a
warm day (about 45-50 degrees) when the workers will take the opportunity to
make cleansing flights.
There are no drones in the hive, but some worker brood will begin to appear in
the hive. The bees will consume about 20-30 pounds of stored honey this month.

The Beekeeper:  Little work is required at the hives.
At this time most beekeepers are reading up and ordering new packages of
bees and repairing equipment, build new items needed.   
Time spent depends on the beekeeper and what he needs or if he is expanding.